About Us

Standard Time Zone Converter is a part of Hiox India web services. This Standard Time Zone converter guides you to know the exact time of each and every part of the World. You can thus easily know the difference of the time between the countries.

We Hiox India began our business in 2003 by focusing on Application Development. Our intent was to provide quality Web services in the field of Information Technology and then build relationships within it. Our services include project development, product development, content development and web based services, and thus established a small niche in a major market. We will continually be adding on to our full array of products and services, so keep checking back on what we have to offer.

Services we offered:

Product & Application Development  :  Web development and services.
Web Hosting :  Hosting websites and domain name registration.
Web-master Tools & Resources : Service aimed at Internet programmers and developers with a collection of downloadable PHP, JavaScript, JSP scripts, Tools and Resources.

Thank you for visiting and considering HIOX for your web desires!